[Tag from k.watie]

1. Do u think u r HOT ?
-Giler HOT??

2. Upload a fav pic of u .

3. Why do u like this pic ?
-Bcoz gambar nie lawa n mmberi byk makne bt ku!!t'skema jap..

4. When was the last time u eat PIZZA ?
-Bln December ari 2!!

5. The last song u listen to ?
-Di Antara[Dafi]

6. What are u doing rite now besides this ?
-Bru blk from Setiawangsa!!

7. What name you prefer besides this ?

8. Ppl to tag

9. Who is no. 1 ?
-Kenal dri Nadia FC

10. No. 3 is having a relationship with ?
-Ntah la..

11. Say something about no. 5 ?
-Kechik tOmey!!

12. How bout no. 4?
-Kenal from kwn!!tngok2 my mum n daddy die 2 tmpt kerja..hahakz!!

13. Who is no. 2 ?
-My fwenz.

1 comment:

Miss Atie said...

owh owh atie dh ada tag ni dlu
lalala :p